The Members

MAPS would be nothing without its members. Being invited to be a member requires more than just making a product. It is a testament to a true evangelism regarding pool safety that reaches beyond regular marketing efforts. Members of MAPS work tirelessly to reduce drownings not only because it is their livelihoods, but because it is also their passion.

Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc.

For the past 25 years, Life Saver Pool Fence has been wholly committed to pool safety. A leading manufacturer of mesh pool safety barrier fencing, Life Saver has championed logical and effective pool safety measures. Life Saver's founding President, Robert Lupton, coined the now universal term of "layers of protection" during a committee meeting with the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the early 1980's, and the company has fervently pushed this widely embraced concept ever since. Pool safety fencing is considered a critical layer of protection by safety experts and government municipalities around the globe.

Terrapin Communications, Inc. | Safety Turtle

Safety Turtle was conceived in 1996 by Dr. Bob Lyons and his partners at Square Peg Communications. Dr. Lyons was inspired by his personal experience with toddlers and backyard pools, and his background in radio and satellite communications. Following testing in the summer, Safety Turtle was launched at the National Pool & Spa Show in New Orleans in November 1998. The product’s virtues, simplicity of use and robustness of performance, were immediately embraced by North American consumers. A US patent for the invention was awarded in 1999.

Dr. Bob Lyons has 30 years experience developing radio and satellite communications systems, and 20 years experience leading communications technology companies.

Since 1998, Dr. Lyons has focused his energies on the commercialization of Safety Turtle. As President of Terrapin, he directs the engineering evolution, manufacture and worldwide sale of Safety Turtle in a variety of product configurations – residential, commercial, and marine. In 2004, Dr. Lyons won the Manning Innovation Award, sponsored by Noranda Inc. [Canada], for his safety innovation.

In addition to managing Terrapin, Dr. Lyons has been a relentless advocate of technology to reduce backyard pool drowning of young children. He is a member of the ASTM Committee that drafted the Standard for Pool Alarms, and has written articles and given industry seminars on pool alarms and protecting toddlers near backyard pools.

Meyco Products, Inc. | Meyco Pool Covers

With a company history dating back to 1898, Meyco may be the oldest company manufacturing pool safety products today. Fred J. Meyer, Jr. invented the original pool cover in 1957 after finding a dead animal in his pool and the rest, as they say, is history. A long-standing member of the pool safety community, Meyco continues to deliver quality pool safety products to this day.

Manufacturers Advocating Pool Safety